Killing Trees

It’s been a hectic week of rewriting thus far. Let’s just say that we’ve killed an unspecified number of trees printing out new pages.

Changes have included several versions of a brand new song, a couple of major cuts, and a Preprise (a term we thought we invented, but when Googled, yields several results related to the Newsies sountrack — damn you Christian Bale and the kid from Doogie Howser!).

Now, we’re approximately an hour away from getting to see the fruits of our labor in front of an audience, which is simultaneously thrilling and terrifying.

As Michael mentioned, most of the work we’ve been doing has focused on the arc of one of our main characters. We’ve written him a new song and musicalized several more moments for him, all in an attempt to make his journey feel more fleshed out and emotionally satisfying.

It’s easy in the course of focusing in on specific rewrites to lose sight of the effect those changes may have on the piece as a whole. That’s what tonight should be about. Taking a step back and looking at the span of the entire play, and hoping that the culmination of several smaller changes can result in something much more significant that the sum of the parts. All in front of a live audience. Woo hoo.

Also, the local paper did a nice story on the workshop program here at Millikin. It includes a flattering shot of the back of my head. Read it here.


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