Colored Lights

Just wanted to mention an amazing book that I’ve read several times.

The book as half memoir, half interview with the amazing Kander and Ebb.

It chronicles in detail every single show they wrote together up until “Curtains”, including their thoughts on the movie version of Chicago, directed by Rob Marshall. They talk about their process, the stars of their shows, and even some gossip on casting and celebrity feuds in their career. It’s truly a fantastic read.

As far as the movie of “Chicago”, Kander and Ebb actually had just about no say in the movie, and were originally credited in the 27th slot during the end credits. They had to actually fight to have their name higher, since, you know, they only wrote the music and lyrics.

Also, did you know, the song “New York, New York” wouldn’t exist as it did if it weren’t for Robert Di Niro asking them to rewrite the song? Weird.

Must read for any musical theater nut.

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