A Note on Negativity

Those of us insane enough to pursue careers in the performing arts have chosen to exist in a world that’s too often fraught with negativity and rejection.  We’re not cast, our scripts are rejected, the voices in our heads tell us we’re fat, balding, and still as socially awkward as we were when we had flattops and pegged our pants in seventh grade.

And, if we’re lucky enough to get past those hurdles and actually put something in front of an audience, we’ve got the critics to tear our dreams to pieces.  If not the professional critics, we can at least rely on the anonymity of certain chat rooms to remind us of exactly how worthless we are.

None of us is immune from this swirling vortex of negativity.  Sure, it’s fun (and often hilarious) to be bitter, critical, and negative.  That’s what makes Oscar the Grouch such a lovable fellow.  Bonus: It makes you feel  better about your own fragile ego to tear somebody else’s work down.

But, when it comes down to it, didn’t we all get into this business because we love it?  Shouldn’t we all be rooting for every piece of theater we see to be amazing?  And, if something falls short of that expectation, shouldn’t we celebrate the effort that went into it, and take away from it some lesson that we can apply to our own craft?

It’s easy to be frustrated with the current state of the industry, and there’s a lot of stuff out there that is not necessarily thrilling, but, do you know what?  There’s a lot of stuff out there that is truly worthwhile.

That’s one of the things we’d like to do with this blog, to focus on the things out there, theatrical and otherwise, that we’re excited about.

In short, we aim to aim to shut up our inner hilarious old Muppet guys, and celebrate things that are awesome.

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