A quick Kooman + Dimond update

Hello all!!

Thanks once again for reading our blog!  We’ve been going strong for a month and a half and we thank you for your support!

A few little Kooman + Dimond updates:

1) We are extremely excited to announce that we’ve been commissioned by the Kennedy center!  We’re currently at work on a new musical that takes place in Ancient Greece involving the greek mythological heros and gods.  We can’t give away too much but it’s a project we’re really ecstatic about.

The Kennedy Center

2) We’re excited to be part of the first issue of an exciting new online magazine about musical theater called ‘M’.  Created by West End producing prodigy Christopher Clegg, the magazine is about all things musical theatre related.  It’s fun, risque, and a bit cheeky.

If you’re a follower of musical theater at ALL, you must check it out

'M' the magazine

3) We were honored to be asked to appear on the popular musical theater podcast musicalworld.  We talked about how we started writing together, our first few songs, our views on the world of musical theater today, as well as some of our upcoming works.

You can listen to our episode here.  Check them out on facebook here.

4) If you’re in the NY area and want to see 2 new Kooman + Dimond songs this sunday check out this event at momentum repertory theater company.

Thanks again for supporting the blog!


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