Social Media in Musical Theater

As a songwriter in 2010, I can’t imagine how a writer/artist/musician ever “made it” 15 or 20 years ago. Seriously…how did people hear about up and coming songwriters? Did they have to see a flyer or print ad for a concert and then take the risk paying for admission after hearing absolutely none of their work?

If it weren’t for youtube, I don’t think Kooman + Dimond would have any career to speak of in the Musical Theater world.

We originally wrote Homemade Fusion as a fundraiser for the senior class of Musical Theater (2006) majors at CMU. One of our friends put the clips of the songs up on his youtube page and people started emailing about sheet music.

Original Homemade Fusion Design from the 2006 premiere

We learned quickly that there were people who wanted to hear our songs, we just had to find the right way to get our music out there.


The majority of people who have discovered our music have done so through youtube and other places like myspace and the broadway-themed broadwayspace.  (Broadwayspace is the brainchild of the genius producer Scott Davenport, who has also recently come up with the amazing idea of the first communtiy funded musical on broadway: the revival of Godspell) Youtube in particular is the perfect place for musical theater fans hear new songs from up-and-coming writers.  If the song sucks…you stop the video!  Simple as that.

The other writers who are really utilizing social media in ways which admire are Ryan Scott Oliver and Kerrigan and Lowdermilk.

Both RSO and K + L have a heaping amount of amazing videos on youtube as well as chic websites.

RSO has a delightful blog which we enjoy!

K + L have started a wonderful site called which is a great source for discovering new songwriters.

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One Response to Social Media in Musical Theater

  1. amanos says:

    Enjoyed your take on the importance and growing use of social media in the theater world. I particularly like the way you discovered that there are people out there who want to listen, it is just a matter of reaching them, Cheers!

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