Top Five: Awesome Broadway Halloween Costumes

Still looking for the perfect costume to wear as you Trick-or-Treat up and down the Great White Way this year?   Here are our suggestions.

  1. Phantom of the Technicolor Dream Cat – So you’re this cat.  And you’ve got sweet multicolored fur.  And all of the other cats in your litter are jealous.  So they burn off half of your face with acid.
  2. Zombie Gabe Goodman – Ruin the twist for anybody who hasn’t seen Next to Normal.
  3. A Little Priest – Either (A) Wear a black shirt with a white collar and do the hilarious Farquod shoes-on-your-knees thing.  Or (B) Get your friends to dress up as a priest, poet, bishop, curate, lawyer, Royal Marine, squire, viacar, grocer, tinker, tailor, butler, potter, locksmith, clerk, sweep, financier, bank cashier, Beadle, fiddle player, piccolo player, rear admiral, general, private, fop, shepherd, politician, friar, actor, judge, and executioner. All of whom have had their throats slit and  been chopped up and baked into a pie.
  4. Every Broadway Attempt at Dracula Ever – This one’s tricky, because where do you find a “messy flop” outfit at this late date?  Zing!
  5. Slutty Entire Von Trapp Family – Strategically cut up lederhosen.  Hot.
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