Protesting Kander + Ebb – Are you friggin’ kidding me?!

There are people.

Protesting the new Kander and Ebb Musical.

On Broadway.


See the following flyer:

People of the so-called Freedom Party are claiming that Kander and Ebb are turning “Black people’s suffering” into a “mockery”.

Read the rest of the flyer…there’s too much insanity to even mention here…more info at this guy’s first hand experience with the protesters.

As someone who has seen the show let me tell you a few things:

The musical uses irony to draw attention to the atrocity that the 9 Scottsboro boys suffered through.  It does not make a mockery of it.

It uses the format of the minstrel show as a story telling device and NOT as a way to make fun of or “mock” black people.

The protests cause me to wonder if the people protesting have even SEEN the show?  I personally can not understand how anyone could see the show and not have a heavy heart for the injustices that that were tolerated by Americas just 60-70 years ago!

Yes it’s edgy.  Yes it’s daring.  It’s also extremely well written and directed.  As well as  thought provoking and educational.

And you know what, it’s entertaining too.

I hadn’t heard of the Scottsboro Boys before I saw this musical but am so glad that I experienced this night of theater.

And can I just say that the score is absolutely phenomenal and one of the best scores I’ve heard on broadway as of late.  It’s extremely tuneful, has wonderfully theatrical songs, and has excellent vocal arrangements (by David Loud).  And Susan Stroman’s staging is really really ingenius.

Kander and Ebb have tackled Nazi Germany in Cabaret and hardcore (but lovable) criminals in Chicago.  They are drawn to edgy source material and handle it extremely tastefully.

What the crap are these protesters thinking!?


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