Things that are Awesome: Pregnancy Pact

As I believe we’ve mentioned before, last year Michael and I were fortunate enough to be part of the Dramatists Guild Fellows Program, an incredible educational opportunity for up-and-coming playwrights, composers, and lyricists.

In addition to the profoundly insightful feedback the program provides (from moderators Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty and guests like Tom Kitt, Alan Menken, and Jeanine Tesori on the musical theater side), one of the great pleasures of the program was the opportunity to be exposed to the work of some amazing emerging playwrights and musical theater writers.

One fellow Fellows team with whose work we became familiar is Julia Meinwald and Gordon Leary, alums of the prestigious Graduate Musical Theatre Writing department at NYU.

Gordon and Julia used the fellowship as an opportunity to develop a show tentatively titled Pregnancy Pact, which is pretty much everything we love about musical theater.  It’s edgy, heartfelt, funny, and explores a relevant, contemporary subject that one might not immediately think should be musicalized.  Not to mention the fact that it effing ROCKS.

Here’s a sneak peak, from a recent showcase concert featuring a kick ass cast including Phoebe Strole, Amy Linden, Angie Perez, Ellen Condon, Ally Bonino, and Kimiko Glenn.

More videos and a brief synopsis after the jump.

Inspired by an actual incident at a Massachusetts high school, The Pregnancy Pact explores the lives of four teenage girls who (as the working title implies) make a pact to get pregnant.  Fascinating, yes.  Disturbing, definitely.  Awesome as hell, absolutely.

Check out more videos here.

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