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Here’s a change of pace from our typical “musicals-about-death” norm: Michael and I have been working on a new web series, titled Geoff Russell is a Total Douche.  As you might guess, it’s an edgy comedy with what could be described as a decent amount of snark.
It’s not a musical (though it’s got a kick-ass score), but if you enjoy things like 30 Rock, Arrested Development, and The Office (back when it was good), it might be up your alley.  Here’s the trailer:

After the jump, info on the cast, and a weird picture of the director.

The project has reunited us with director Kathleen Amshoff, who helmed the very first production of DANI GIRL, way back in 2007 at Carnegie Mellon.  Here’s a rehearsal shot from that show where she’s making a judgmental face about what was surely a brilliant line, all the while twisting her arm in a way that should not be achievable by non circus-folk.

The show also features some CMU alums in front of the camera, including Chris Henry (who starred in my very first, very terrible, ten minute play at school), David Winters, and Ethan Hova, as well as Yale grad students Laura Gragtmans and Irene Sofia Lucio (who originated the role of Parker in GOLDEN GATE at the Williamstown Theatre Festival).

The first episode is set to hit the web in early December.  So, check out the website, become a fan on Facebook, and subscribe to the Youtube channel.

Do us a huge favor and share it with your friends!

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