Geoff Russell: Part III & Pointless Trivia

For those of you who have been following along with our web series, Geoff Russell is a Total Douche, here is the third and final installment.


After the jump, a couple of trivia tidbits.  Also Parts I & II, in case you missed them.

10 Interesting (and I use that term loosely) Facts about Douche:

  1. That’s the cubicle I work in every day.
  2. Headshots for the actors in Henry’s building who didn’t make the cut to play Geoff include Michael Kooman, Anderson Davis, and Princess Grace Award-winning playwright Jim McManus.
  3. A picture of Sarah Palin holding a Pittsburgh Penguins jersey is visible at certain points of the series.
  4. Series star Chris Henry once played a rapping teenager on All My Children.  I know this because it is on IMDB, and not because I am a regular viewer of All My Children.
  5. The character of Wendell the Temp (portrayed with great depth and soul) also makes an appearance in the K&D song “The Temp and the Receptionist”.  Obviously this is from a different temporary placement.
  6. The bobblehead that Henry uses as an Oscar in Part III is Dwight Schrute.  His shirt reads “Bears.  Beets.  Battlestar Galactica.”  One time somebody at work asked me, in all sincerity, where I got a bobblehead of myself.
  7. Irene Sofia Lucio, who plays Elena, originated the role of Parker in Golden Gate at the Williamstown Theatre Festival.
  8. I own the sweater that Henry wears in Part III.  My sister bought it for me.  Don’t make fun of it.  Jerks.
  9. While a student at Carnegie Mellon University, director Kathleen Amshoff helmed a production of Brecht’s Man is Man, which included three original K&D songs, none of which have been heard since.  (Kathleen is also a huge fan of Legally Blonde:  The Musical).
  10. The title of Part III is “A New Douche”.  Star Wars references are awesome.

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One Response to Geoff Russell: Part III & Pointless Trivia

  1. mjcache says:

    Brilliant, Hilarious and loved the totally douche twist. Hope there
    is more.. I’m hooked.
    Missed the stunning and mega talented Wendell.

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