Oh Canada (Eh?)

There are a lot of rumors going around out there aboot how Canada is some sort of tropical paradise.

Do not believe them.  It is cold as balls here.  They try to trick you with their devious metric system, but Celcius fails to hide the fact that it is effing freezing.

In spite of that fact, things are going really well in the great white north.  As I believe we’ve mentioned once or twice on this blog, we’re here for the professional premiere of Dani Girl at Talk is Free Theatre.

Crazy story about how this whole thing came aboot: Richard Ouzounian, the theater critic for the Toronto Star who is directing this incarnation of the show, advised us during the writing of the piece at Carnegie Mellon way back in 2006.

We’ve kept in touch with him ever since, and once we had the piece in a place where it was really ready to go, he took it to Arkady Spivak, TIFT’s Artistic Director, who agreed to produce it.  We’re eternally grateful to them both for having the guts to stand behind a musical aboot a girl with cancer.

After the jump, how I’ve been annoying the cast & crew throughout the process.

We spent last week rehearsing in Toronto, where I have irritated people in several ways…

  1. The Canadian walk of fame is right outside of our rehearsal studio, with Bryan Adams’ star literally five feet from the door.  This, of course, has caused me to make innumerable references to the South Park movie.  Hilarious to me, most likely obnoxious to everybody else.
  2. One of our actors, Jake Epstein, recently starred in Degrassi: The Next Generation (think Saved by the Bell: The New Class with a Canadian accent) which has caused me to make innumerable references to the Chasing Amy scene where Jason Lee’s character says he’s going to watch Degrassi Jr. High because he’s “got a weird thing for girls who say aboot.”
  3. Speaking of the delightful Canadian accent, there’s a line in Dani Girl where one of the characters says “I’m sorry about your bear.”  Far more amusing here than it could ever be in the good ole USA.  I’m sure my consistent snickering on that line has been extremely productive.

Outside of rehearsal, the trip has been fantastic, mainly because Canadians actually appreciate hockey, which happens to be the greatest sport in the world.  I got hooked up with some incredible tickets to a Maple Leafs game, got to go skating outdoors in subzero temperatures, and visited the Hockey Hall of Fame.  Which leads me to ask:

Wouldn’t the Tony’s be way cooler if they looked something like this…

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