Top Five – Jeopardy Categories I Would Rule at Thanks to Musical Theatre

I’ll take “Ways to Say ‘Welcome’ in a Bunch of Different Languages” for 400, Alex.

  1. Colors No Straight Man Has Any Business KnowingJoseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  Ocher?  Fawn?  Russet?  Azure?  Mauve?  What?
  2. People Who Try to and/or Successfully Kill PresidentsAssassins.  Leon Czolgosz, a working man, who was born in Alpena, a city located in the middle of Mich-i-gan, assassinated United States President William McKinley in the Temple of Music, which was located near the Tower of Light, between the Fountain of Abundance and the Court of Lilies at the great Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo.  In Buffalo.
  3. Years that the Declaration of Independence was Signed 1776.  1776.  Boo-ya.
  4. Words that Rhyme with “Ooh” Every Musical Ever.  Now it’s he and not you who is stuck with a shoe in the goo and you’ve learned something too something you never knew…
  5. Stuff about GangsWest Side Story.  Members of New York City street gangs like to snap, jeté, and call people “daddy-o”.

Honorable MentionThe Very Basic Plot Lines of Major Works of LiteratureLes Miserables, Oliver, Kiss Me Kate, Candide, The Color Purple, The Scarlet Pimpernel, etc. etc.    A Bunch of Poets and StuffRent.     Meanings of Happiness You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown80’s Songs You’re Kind of Embarrassed to LikeRock of AgesWars that Seem Much Less Gruesome When People are Singing About ThemMiss Saigon, The Civil War, South Pacific

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    In Buffalo.

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