Behind the Music(al): Phoebe Strole

Phoebe Strole is a favorite amongst the emerging musical theater crowd, which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.  She’s amazingly talented, incredibly bright, and, as you’re about to find out, she has a terrific sense of humor.  Oh yeah, and she’s also been in a couple of things you might have heard of.  Like Spring Awakening and 30 Rock.

We’ve been wanting to work with her for a long time now.  Fortunately for us, she was generous enough to perform on our album, singing a relatively new song called “Beautiful Mistake”.  Here’s a clip…

Buy the album on iTunes.

Also fortunately for us, she was generous enough to answer a few questions:

K&D: First of all, can you tell us a little bit about your background? 

PS: I’m just a down-home cowgirl from Fort Worth, Texas. I ran away with a rodeo clown to the Big Apple, and the rest is history.

[More after the jump, including videos!]

K&D:  What’s your favorite thing about performing?

PS:  Money, glamour, and fast women. Oh, and free drugs.

I love the whole process. I love rehearsing, I love analyzing a script, I love how a company evolves from strangeness into a funny little family, I love sitting in a cold, dark theater during tech, I love the routine of a performance schedule, I love opening night, I love that I get to play pretend with funny, smart people for a living.

Spring Awakening must have drastically changed your life.  Can you talk a little bit about the biggest positives of being involved in such a big hit, and some of the simultaneous challenges that might arise? 

I could probably talk too much about it. For most of us young’ns, Spring Awakening was one of our first professional experiences, let alone first Tony award-winning Broadway hit. It was a fantastic, flabbergasting, awesome, rowdy time for us all. I got to go be a mini-rockstar (in my mind) every night. Of course there were negative moments, and I made mistakes, but I loved it all and I’m grateful for it all. It started everything for me, and I want to always remember how lucky I am.

Among your many television and film roles, you starred in the irreverent comedy Hamlet 2.  If you were going to create another Shakespearean sequel, what would it be?  And can you give us a one-line synopsis?

Romeo and Juliet.  Zombies.  Revenge. Enough said.

Any new projects you’re really excited about?

I’m going up to New York Stage & Film this summer to do a premiere of a new play by Patricia Wettig called F2M. It’s about a young transgendered man, and I play his girlfriend.

What’s the best thing you’ve seen recently?

A drag queen in a wig made of tinsel and a cape pretending to talk on a hamburger phone. That, or a baby hanging out with a dog.

What advice would you give to young performers?

Work hard. Keep learning, reading, seeing, writing, doing.  Pay attention to current events and politics. Be honest with yourself. Own and love your body. Don’t change who you are. Define your own senses of integrity and ethics. Say “yes” to things that may scare you and to things that bring you closer to your best self. Don’t try to copy someone else’s “path.” Be supportive of and happy for people who are successful, and be aware of your jealousy. Read Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.

If you could live in any time period other than the present, when would you live?

It sucked to be a woman in pretty much every time period except, maybe, matriarchal Native American societies, so…

The future, so I can live on a colony in space. Duh.

Any really embarrassing audition stories you’re willing to share?

No.  I’m always perfect and I book everything.

If your life were made into a musical, who would play the role of you?

I would get offers out ASAP to Sarah Silverman and Amy Sedaris.

What/who is your favorite…

Musical – so many, so I’ll just say Funny Girl (the Babs film), based on the fact that I still have it on an old vhs.
Book – The best novel I have read in quite a while is Money, by Martin Amis.
Shell Silverstein poem – Can I say The Giving Tree even though it’s not a poem?  I’m gonna say yes. The Giving Tree.
Non-animated Disney movie – 8-year-old me is screaming “Homeward Bound!! Say Homeward Bound!” She should calm down, I think.
Full House cast member – Ugh, no, sorry.
NYC cupcake establishment – I don’t play favorites. I’m just open-minded like that.
Professional athlete – What is this “sports” you speak of?  I would say any professional dancer is pretty darn admirable.
Pointless Youtube video – Anything involving babies, puppies, people falling down, or makeup tutorials.
One hit wonder – “You’re the Voice” by John Farnham. I’m not totally sure that he’s a one-hit wonder, but this song was pretty big in the 80s and it is EPIC, in that classical 80s epic song way.
Princess Bride quote – “MAWWAGE!”

Here’s Phoebe singing some other people’s stuff:

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