Lyrics: Lost in the Waves

It has come to our attention that some folks out there would appreciate having the lyrics for our music readily available online, so we’ve decided to start posting some of them here, along with a few of our thoughts about the song or its creation, in case anybody is interested.

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I’m currently on vacation on Topsail Island, North Carolina, a trip I take annually with three of my best friends in the world, guys I met in my long-since-abandoned high school English teacher days.

We’ve been taking this trip since 2003, the first time I’d been to the beach in many, many years.  On the last night of the trip that year I wandered away from the group’s late night poker game, stood in the surf, and got lost in my thoughts for a long time.

I thought about things that I didn’t really like thinking about.  Thoughts and feelings I prefered to repress, which is a particular skill of mine.  And I came to a decision.  I was going to find a way to face them.

Several years later I skipped out on the annual trip in order to attend the Johnny Mercer Songwriting Workshop with Michael.  I figured a song was as good a way to confront an issue as any…


Lost in the Waves

At the edge of the Atlantic,
Can’t bring myself to swim.
I choked back the tears for twenty two years,
Drowning in shadows of him.

The waves etch out a pattern
Long after they’re gone.
The lines that they trace, they quickly erase,
But something’s still lingering on.

Lost in the waves.
I am lost in the waves.
No one but me and the silent black sea;
I am lost in the waves.

A vision in the moonlight:
A family on the beach.
A boy on his own, by the undertow thrown
Far beyond his father’s reach.

He’s caught in a riptide.
A man has to choose.
There’s a race to be won for the life of his son,
But someone has to lose.

Lost in the waves.
He was lost in the waves.
Salt water burns, the tide always turns,
When you’re lost in the waves.

Now I’m the one sinking.
There’s no solid ground.
And I can’t help thinking
I’m the one who has drowned.

Now knee-deep in the water,
I feel my father’s touch.
And though fully grown, I’ve still never known
How to love someone that much.

Lost in the waves.
I am lost in the waves.
No one but me and the silent black sea;
I am lost in the waves.

I am lost in the waves.
I am lost in the waves.

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4 Responses to Lyrics: Lost in the Waves

  1. Paul Stevens says:

    Hi I recently, quite randomly, came across Lost in the Waves. I found it is an amazingly haunting song as my son died 6 years ago Can you give me some idea of what the song is about? Having showed it to a few people they have all come up with their own ideas.

  2. Caherine says:

    I think of Jesus dying in my place for me and how I do not know if I could love anyone that much. Not sure if that is the intent, but that is what it does for me.

  3. Jonathan says:

    I love this song !
    The music and lyrics are really beautiful.
    Poignant, resonant and evocative.
    I shed several tears for myself, lost youth and my departed loved ones today.

  4. Larrej says:

    I recently came across this song at this years Thespian Festival and it is truly inspiring.

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