Lyrics: Beautiful Mistake

Phoebe Strole singing "Beautiful Mistake"

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A word of warning to aspiring songwriters out there:

At some point in your career, you are going to get dumped by a person of your preferred gender.  You are going to be heartbroken, miserable, and generally unbearable to be around.  And then, you’re going to have an idea.

“If I can write a song about the person who tore my heart out,” you will say, strangely not mentioning the person’s name for purposes of being vague, “Then surely this person will see what a wonderful, sensitive, and enlightened human being I am.  He/She will certainly realize the error of his/her ways and come running back into my open arms, begging forgiveness and vowing to never again run the risk of losing someone as loveable as me.”

It is not going to work.

But, you may get a decent song out of the ordeal.

Beautiful Mistake

It’s six a.m.
And we’re still up.
Drinking cheap wine from a Solo cup.
We talked all night,
And yet I’m wide awake.

We see the end.
There’s no debate.
We’ve got a clear expiration date.
And if I fall,
My heart is bound to break.

You’re beautiful,
A beautiful mistake.
But you’re a chance I must take.
My beautiful,
My beautiful mistake.

The sun comes up.
The summer flies.
Whiskey, and laughter, and sea blue eyes.
A summer full
Of feelings I can’t fake.

It’s been so long
Since I could feel
Anything that’s remotely real.
I open up,
Allow myself to make

A beautiful,
A beautiful mistake.
I try to hold on to each day.
My beautiful,
My beautiful mistake.
But time keeps sliding away.
Cause nothing this good is meant to stay.

In looking back
I never knew
How far I fell in love with you.
I’m stuck inside
These memories I can’t shake.

I see that I
Was happy then.
And though I don’t know how or when
You’re one mistake
I need to make again.

My beautiful,
My beautiful mistake.
Someday we’ve got to remake
That beautiful,
That beautiful mistake.

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