Lyrics: Drift

Jeremy Jordan sings "Drift" at Birdland

This song was written as part of a songwriting challenge.  While on the annual beach getaway I take with several friends from my days of teaching high school English, I threw out the word drift as a potential hook for my friend Chris Gunter to use as a prompt for a song.  Then I got selfish and decided to keep it.

The song is featured on our album, sung by The Voice’s Chris Mann.  Here’s a clip.

Here’s a video of Newsies star Jeremy Jordan singing it at Birdland:

Lyrics after the jump.


North Carolina girl.
She blows in on the ocean breeze.
All salt air and cigarettes.
Freckled and free.

She dances along the beach.
Drinking deep from her Jameson.
Deceptively delicate,
Strange as the sea.

We stroll through the sand.
Right where the sea meets land,
The waves roll in as the currents shift.
And I think maybe I

Should let go and drift.

I’m just a city boy.
All neurotic anxieties.
The world and its gravity
Pulling me down.

But caught in her undertow,
Falling under so soft and slow,
I sink deep into nothingness,
Happy to drown.

We sit in the sand,
Staring up hand in hand.
The stars float by and the currents shift.
And I think maybe I
Could let go and drift.

This carefree girl
Is drawing me in like the moon
With her smile so wide.
So I think “What the hell?”
Might as well dive in and roll with the tide.

The sun starts to rise.
I look into her eyes.
And deep inside me the currents shift.
For one time in my life
I let go and drift.

We kiss in the sand,
Perfect and so unplanned.
And deep inside me the currents shift.
For one time in my life
I let go and drift.
And just drift.

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3 Responses to Lyrics: Drift

  1. Noah Barson says:

    Dear Kooman and Dimond,
    My high school talent show is coming up soon and I would really like to perform “Drift” in the talent show. I would like to play this song on guitar as well as sing it and, if it’s not too much to ask, I would very much appreciate it if you guys could send me the chords for the song. Feel free to contact me by e-mail or in response to this comment. Thanks in advance.

    -Noah Barson

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