Things that are Awesome: Pigpen Theatre Co.

For years people have been telling us about the amazing Pigpen Theatre Company.  Founded at Carnegie Mellon in 2008 (sadly after we had already graduated–it would have been really cool to see them at the very beginning), they’re the only group in history to have won best play honors in the NYC Fringe in consecutive years, having done so in 2010 and 2011.

Don’t you just hate really talented people who are also really young?  These dudes rock, and they’re probably not old enough to remember Fraggles.  Jerks.

The guys (Arya Shahi, Ben Ferguson, Don Weschler, Ryan Melia, Curtis Gillen, Alex Falberg, and Matt Nuernberger) just released their debut album, Bramen, and it’s truly awesome.  They’re terrific songwriters and musicians, and they have a really interesting sound, reminiscent of Mumford & Sons or The Avett Brothers, in all the best ways.

The album is available on iTunes.

You can also check them on on Spotify, but if you really want to support them, buy the album.  Or, better yet, buy the album and then check them out on Spotify.

Trust us, you’ll be hearing more from these guys really soon.  Can’t wait to see one of their shows.

Check out some of their videos after the jump.

The following three songs are all on the album:

And, finally, here are a couple of covers:

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