Favorite Songs Involving Muppets

These aren’t really in any particular order. It was tough enough to limit the list to ten, let alone rank them.

10. The opening from the best Dickens adaptation of all time.

9. Kermit and Rolph discuss the fact that there’s something “irresistible-ish” about women.

8. A Muppet wedding. Or at least the stage version of one. Did they really get married here? I was always confused by that.

7. A Sesame Street classic.

6. The impossibly catchy intro to Fraggle Rock.

5. A frog and a bear seeing America. With a cameo by a large bird.

4. The gut wrenching moment where the Muppets find out that Jim Henson died.

3. The only song that can get away with the lyric “you make bath-time lots of fun” without being creepy.

2. A surprisingly touching Muppet Show take on a Jim Croce song.

1. And of course, far and away the greatest Muppet song of all time.

Any glaring omissions?

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2 Responses to Favorite Songs Involving Muppets

  1. Mindy Smith says:

    Nothing from “Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas” ??? His first muppet movie. There are some great tunes in that one. “Ain’t no hole in the washtub,” sticks out in my mind.

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