Lyrics: I Think that He Likes Me

I’m a sucker for romantic relationships that begin as very good friendships.  Hence my otherwise inexplicable love for Dawson’s Creek.  This song is about the very exciting moment at the very beginning of one such relationship.

This is one of our most commonly performed songs, probably because it works pretty well as an audition piece.  It’s relatively simple in terms of structure, presents a situation that a lot of people can relate to, and includes a very clear arc.

Kerry Butler sings the song on our album.  Here’s a clip.

Here are a couple of other versions, featuring Natalie Weiss and Allison Case.

Lyrics below.

I Think that He Likes Me

Am I totally crazy?
He was totally strange.
Did I miss something maybe?
Did he suddenly change?

We were just hanging out, right?
We were two best friends on a Saturday night.
Nothing unusual, but I swear
Somehow something different was in the air.

His hand brushed my cheek.
He struggled to speak.
Almost like he likes me.

He looked at me weird,
His smirk disappeared.
Like someone who likes me.

The way that his blue green eyes met mine,
Sent shivers all up and down my spine.
And something just clicked:
I think that he likes me.

We went for a walk,
Too nervous to talk.
So maybe he likes me.

He stares at his feet,
So awkward, but sweet.

I’m thinking he likes me.

Could this be a long denied desire?
My head is a blur, my heart’s on fire.
But one thing is clear:
I think that he likes me.

And I wonder just what was on his mind.
Did he sense something new? Did he suddenly find
A world kinda lighter and brighter somehow?
Was he searching for signs that he missed before?
Imagining things that he couldn’t ignore?
Was he feeling this feeling that I’m feeling now?

We got to my place,
I looked at his face.
And saw that he likes me.

We said our goodbyes.
He avoided my eyes.
Can’t admit that he likes me.

He turns and I watch him walk away,
While secretly wishing that he’d stay.

And hold me real close,
Impossibly tight.
And there in his arms I’ll be all night.
We finally kiss
So long overdue.
And I know that he likes me.

I think I like him too.

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8 Responses to Lyrics: I Think that He Likes Me

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the song I think that he likes me it’s the best

  2. Venuz Delmar says:

    Where can I find the score?

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Tamara says:

    Where can I get the sheet music to this songs from, also what musical is it from??

  5. Anonymous says:

    its so nice.. i like this !

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