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  1. Thom Christopher Warren says:

    I just read your remarks about Scottsboro Boys, and couldn’t possibly agree more. I was fortunate enough to see the final preview and loved it. Oddly enough (for me, who cries at commercials) I had a purely cerebral response to the show. No tears (again – for me this is bizarre and didn’t go un-noticed) but found the writing, the design, the direction, and the COMPANY to be extraordinary. I felt that I was being asked – through the use of minstrelsy and the other presentational elements of the play – to serve merely as an observer and not to allow myself to be immersed IN the story, but rather to watch, listen, and yes – learn the story. I found the style of the play to be brave and brilliant and felt that if the sacrifice was to be tearless in order to achieve this effect, it was worth it (to be honest, I did have an emotional response at the very end of the play when Rosa Parks throughline became clear – cried for ten solid minutes). I teach History of Musical Theatre at the New York Film Academy (as well as being a company member of THE LION KING here in town) and having spoken at length about my experience at the show, my kids asked if we could all go together as a class (I’m so proud of those kids). So off we went this past Friday – post closing notice going up. I don’t know if it was my knowledge of the play, the anger I felt at the impending closing, or just a second pass at watching the show, but this time around I sobbed for 80% of the play. Everything rang somehow differently for me – and watching “The Lady” with the hindsight of knowing who she was took me over the edge. I have honestly never seen a company of actors more unified in their determination to tell the story – and the talent level represented on that stage from each and every department still leaves me breathless. I am FURIOUS that future history classes (both students of American History and the History of the American Musical) will not have the opportunity to see this show, live, in this context and with this group of actors. Yes, I would be thrilled if the show lives on through the medium of the movie musical (the buzz I”m hearing now), but the devise of the show is based on live story-telling and no matter how well it may transfer to the screen, this is the way this particular musical should be seen – and it should be seen by all. I will attempt to see it one more time before it closes – and will allow myself whatever response my body and mind chooses – and I will count myself lucky indeed for having been there.

    On a side note, a dear friend has just introduced me to Dani Girl (literally a couple of weeks ago) and I look forward to hearing what the future holds for that lovely piece as well.

    All the best to you,

    Thom Christopher Warren

    • koomandimond says:

      That’s fascinating, Thom. It’s really interesting to me to think about how outside factors can influence an audience’s experiences. I wonder how much my knowledge of the show’s closing affected the way I viewed it. Crazy how seeing a show twice, even with the same cast, can lead to two very different reactions. One of the many benefits of live performance.

      Thanks for your kind words on Dani Girl. We really appreciate it, and certainly hope that it can someday affect people the way The Scottsboro Boys has.

  2. mjcache says:

    Hilarious. Loved the movie.
    I think The character that played Wendal has serious potential
    for further movies: his awe inspiring emotional range and charisma
    just floored me.

  3. Nicole says:

    LOVE your music! I’m only 15 and it is still a blast to sing! (Even when I’m belting out Random Black Girl in the shower… Aaaaand I’m white!) Have you guys ever thought of writing an original musical about teenagers? A lot of my theatre friends love your music and I was thinking the other day about how much power a musical could have if it was about all the problems teens go through now. (Bullying, Cyberbullying, Eating disorders, Depression, etc.) Just saying I smell a hit and with you two composing it it would be sure to be fantastic!

  4. Michael says:

    Hey guys, just wanted to say that I love love love your music. Unfortunately living in Australia I doubt I’ll have the opportunity to actually see anything of your’s anytime soon, but I would absolutely love to.
    Keep up the great work.

  5. Jethro says:

    Hi there! I’m from the Philippines! and have just watched your story of Dani Girl. It was truly an inspiring piece. I loved how the play was so simple and yet its voice is so loud. The music of Dani Girl is addictive, and I don’t know where I can get the album! I just love your work. My favorite song was Side by Suicide, its meaning is really amazing. My Hair was awesome too for it depicts Dani’s braveness.

    “I’m gonna find a reason it’s there, I’m gonna get back my hair.”

    Keep up those inspiring pieces.

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